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Secure Print

DLRT Ltd, a member of the TALL Group of Companies, is vastly experienced in producing and delivering a wide range of security print. 

DLRT’s secure print capabilities include cheques, paying in books, forms, ballot papers, certificates and vouchers. 

As part of the TALL Group, DLRT understands the importance of fraud deterrence and prevention and can advise on how to maximise the security of your documents with secure print production. 

Using the resources of TALL, special features can be added to your documents for security. We can help you to deter fraudsters, stop counterfeiting and highlight alterations with measures such as secure designs, watermarked paper, holograms, audit numbers, heat sensitive spots, UV, security inks and latent image technology. 

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DLRT, and the TALL Group, has established a market leading presence in a range of market sectors, both in Ireland, UK and internationally. The core products and services, incorporating secure print and electronic payments solutions are widely implemented where security of data, high quality production and responsive service levels are required. 

Financial Institutions, Corporates and SMEs represent much of the Group’s customer base, where value for money products and services, often produced to very short timescales are needed.  

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